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About Herb'n Renewal and Our Products

Are you tired of the boring, same old food? We have the answer!

After years of trying to explain what we did to make our food taste so good, we decided to pass the secret on to everyone. Basically, we have taken the guesswork out of seasoning! We hand blend in small batches, with no preservatives. This way you can savor what nature intended…herbs and spices! 

We hope you enjoy visiting our site and reading about our products.  We hand blend in small batches, with no preservatives.  This way you can savor what nature intended…herbs and spices!  Our signature line, RUB'N SEASON™, was born so that you could season just about anything.  But, then we discovered that people wanted more so we created our Taste Bud Tempters!  We hope you enjoy using all of them as much as we enjoyed creating them.

We Are Kentucky Proud!

PROUD member of LocalHarvest.org!

PROUD member of qflea.com!

Rub'N Season
Available in 1oz & 3oz  
Cook'N Herbs
Available in 1oz & 3oz  
Season'N Salt
 3.5 oz Resealable plastic bag
Continental Favorites

 Available in 1oz bags 

Hot'N Spicy
Available in 1oz & 3oz  
Taste Bud Tempters
A variety of flavors 
Bulk Herbs
Available in 1oz bags 
Relax'N Unwind
 Purify your body and soul 
We're honored to have you among our loyal customers!
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